Four Major Causes of a Leaking Toilet

Four Major Causes of a Leaking Toilet

A leak is going to be a big problem no matter where it is at in the house. Everyone knows that leaks have the potential to cause you to lose out on money and can also cause damage to your home. You don’t want to put up with this and you need to take action right away to get things fixed up. This is especially important when your toilet is leaking as it can make a huge mess if you don’t figure things out.

When your toilet is leaking, it poses a significant health risk to you and your family. Leaking toilets are a big cause of discomfort and can even wind up spreading infectious diseases. Toilets that leak when they flush can help to spread diseases such as cholera, diphtheria, and dysentery. You cannot let this continue so it makes sense to seek out professional help.

Plumbers are going to be able to get things fixed up for you very quickly. Once you call the plumbers, they will be able to determine the root cause of your leaking toilet and can take the right steps to fix it up. What causes a toilet to start leaking, though? Take a look at these four major causes of a leaking toilet to get an idea of what you are likely dealing with.

Leaking Sewer Line

There is a possibility that your toilet leak could be due to a leak in your sewer line. When this is the case, it is going to be crucial to call in the plumbing experts. If you suspect that a leak at the sewer line is coming up through your toilet or by your toilet, then you need to seek help right away. This type of leak has the potential to get really messy and you want to get things fixed before too much damage can be done to your home.

Broken Tank

Occasionally, you will discover that a broken tank is to blame for your leaking toilet. When the tank breaks, it will normally be pretty apparent. You may see a crack in the tank itself but sometimes the break will be a bit more subtle. Either way, you are going to need to replace the tank on your toilet right away.

This can be a somewhat annoying problem to try to fix. The best solution is going to be to buy a new tank for your toilet and have a professional plumber install things for you. It will allow you to get things dealt with effectively and you will know that things will be done right. Don’t wait to get things fixed if you know that you have a broken tank as the problem will only continue to get worse and it could cause damage to your bathroom floor.

Cracked Toilet Bowl

A cracked toilet bowl could be what is causing your toilet to leak too. If the toilet bowl is cracked in any way, then it is simply not going to work any longer. This is going to be an annoyance because your best bet is to buy a new toilet. You may wish to call your plumber and have a new toilet installed in your bathroom as soon as possible.

The reason why your toilet bowl is cracked could be hard to determine. Sometimes this can happen due to age and years of use. Other times, it could be related to weather or an accident that you didn’t notice. Most toilets are made to be quite sturdy so they do not crack all the time. Regardless, this is a common reason for leaks and it is something that you should be aware of.

Faulty Float

You might be surprised by just how often a faulty float is determined to be the reason for a leaking toilet. The float is a hollow ball that is made to float on the surface of the water in your toilet tank. Sometimes these floats will come out of alignment or they might crack. When this occurs, it will cause the toilet to continuously run and the leaking can get pretty bad.

This is actually a very simple thing to fix as you can simply have another float installed to remedy the problem. You might be able to tell if your float is the culprit behind your toilet leaking issues if you simply look inside of the tank. Being able to fix a toilet that is only in need of a new float will always be easy. If you need assistance, you can still reach out to your local plumber to have the part installed.


Fixing a leaking toilet is something that is going to require an expert in some cases. Knowing four of the most common causes for the leaking should give you a better idea of what to expect. If the leak is due to one of the more complex issues such as the sewer line leaking or a cracked toilet bowl, then you will definitely want to enlist the help of skilled plumbers. You can get your house back to normal but you will want to take swift action to avoid any further problems.

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