Common Plumbing Problems in Old Camberwell Homes

Common Plumbing Problems in Old Camberwell Homes

There are many older homes and townhouses in the Camberwell area. While many of these homes are very charming and have a ton of character, there can be certain issues that will pop up due to the age of the property. For example, sometimes these older homes will have various plumbing problems. This can be a bit of a nuisance, and you will want to get these problems taken care of by reliable professionals.

The best plumber in Camberwell is going to be able to take care of any plumbing issues that are present in these older homes. If you are curious about whether your home is suffering from some of these common problems, then you need to know what to look out for. Take the time to go over the information so that you can see if your house has the same issues. If so, you will be able to give the plumbers a call and get things fixed up by experts.

Old Lead Service Lines

Sometimes you will find that your home has old lead service lines. It is common knowledge now that this is a bad idea, as any amount of lead in your water can have serious health consequences. Typically, these service lines connect the main water source to the pipes in your home. When you have work performed on these pipes, it could wind up causing there to be lead in your water.

It is smart to look into replacing these old lead service lines when it is possible to do so. Otherwise, you may wish to look into a filtration system to protect yourself from the lead in the water. Skilled plumbers will be able to suggest the best course of action to take, so you should discuss this matter with them if you have old lead service lines.

Pipe Bellies

Many older Camberwell homes have problems with pipe bellies too. This is referring to pipes that are below ground having problems. The earth that is beneath your home will shift over time, and this can cause the pipe to shift downwards. There may even be a bend in the pipe that can cause stoppages, so this will need to be addressed by plumbers at some point in time.

Galvanised Pipes

Many homes that were built many years ago made use of galvanised piping. For the most part, this type of piping is found on homes from the pre-1960’s era. Several of the Camberwell-area townhouses likely have galvanised piping. These types of pipes are made out of iron, and they are also covered with a layer of zinc. Pipes like this can erode over the course of time, and this will cause several issues.

Piping like this is going to negatively impact your water pressure, and the overall quality of your water will be less than ideal. A plumber in Camberwell is going to be able to take care of these problems for you if you reach out. You can choose to change your piping or look into other solutions that will work for your situation.

Polybutylene Pipes

Polybutylene pipes are fairly common, as well. These older types of pipes are not quite as old as the galvanised piping mentioned above, but they are still problematic. These types of pipes will break down over time and should really be replaced. They are not going to continue to stand the test of time, so you will want to call a plumber to inspect your pipes to see what is going on.

Gas Lines Are Faulty

Having a faulty gas line is certainly going to be something that you should pay attention to. Hiring a gas plumber in Camberwell will be necessary to fix these issues. Old piping could wind up leading to a dangerous situation if you do not have things inspected thoroughly. If you have an older gas line, then it is in your best interests to call the professionals to check everything out. It can help to ensure your safety, and any issues that are discovered can be dealt with efficiently.

Sewer Line Issues

Older homes also tend to have problems with their sewer lines. It is possible that you may have tree roots that have grown around the sewer line, which will cause things to work less efficiently than you would like. Aside from this, there may be problems with old and damaged pipes that will need to be addressed. The best plumber in Camberwell will be able to take care of your needs so that your sewer line will work perfectly moving forward.

Contact a Plumber Now

Contact a plumber now if you suspect that you are having issues with any of these common problems. Many of these problems are prevalent in the older homes and townhouses of Camberwell, some of which are as old as the historic Rivoli Cinemas sitting just west of Camberwell Junction. If you need assistance in order to protect your property, then do not hesitate to give J.H. Fox Plumbing a call on 9859 9826. You can get things taken care of fast so that you will not have to keep worrying.

The right plumber will be able to take care of any issues without problems. There may be significant changes that will need to be made in order to modernise the property. By working together with skilled plumbers, everything will turn out great. Just give them a call to start discussing these matters today.

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