When to Repair a Gas Heater Versus Replacement

Having your old gas heater go out can be very frustrating. No one likes to feel as if he or she is going to be left in the cold so it makes sense to want to get things repaired as quickly as you can. Should you really keep on repairing your old gas heater, though? There are many different factors to consider when thinking about when to replace a gas heater.

It is not uncommon at all for people to try to keep fixing their old heaters. People want to get the most out of their investments and they want to keep heaters running for a long time. When your old gas water heater has seen better days, it is sometimes going to be more practical to simply replace it with a more efficient model. Take a look at these situations to see when you should repair a gas heater and when it should be replaced.

Your Heater Is Old

If your heater is quite old, then it is very likely that you should consider replacing it. Gas water heater repair may have kept your current heater going for many years but it might simply be on its last legs. If your heater has seen better days, then you would really benefit from having a new gas heater installed. This will likely give you a more energy-efficient system that will work better for your home in the long run.

Modern gas heaters are much better than the older ones that people had installed decades ago. If you are still using a heater that is a decade or more old, then it makes sense to seek out a replacement. You can get a very good deal when you turn to the right professionals for installation. It should be possible to find a heater that will work for your budget and you might even wind up saving money over time on your energy bills.

Safety Concerns

There are actually several safety concerns with many types of heaters. If your gas heater is not safe to use, then you should definitely try to get it replaced as soon as possible. A good example of this can be seen when examining open-flued heaters. Current studies are showing that these types of gas heaters pose a significant threat to many homes.

Open-flued heaters are actually incompatible with modern energy-efficient homes. Homes are often sealed in specific ways in order to promote energy efficiency in modern times. This means that the ventilation is different than it used to be when open-flued heaters were more prevalent. These open-flued heaters draw air from the room in order to create the fire to heat things up. It can wind up drawing in carbon monoxide in some situations and this can have devastating consequences.

Those who are using these open-flued heaters should certainly consider upgrading to modern models instead of seeking gas water heater repair. This will keep your home safer and can potentially prevent a carbon monoxide issue from popping up. You do not want to take any chances when it comes to carbon monoxide poisoning. If your current heater is in need of repair, then looking into replacement is going to be the best option for your home.

How Often Are You Having Problems?

If your heater is fairly new and you have only had one or two issues with it, then it makes sense to get it repaired. Gas water heater repair can be an efficient way to take care of your problems but it will not be best in every situation. Complete replacement makes more sense when you have been encountering constant issues with your heater. If your heater keeps going out multiple times per year, then it might be a sign that it is in need of replacement.

Those who have children or elderly people living in their homes should be especially wary. You want to have constant access to heat and hot water. Disruptions can cause severe problems and you don’t want anyone to get sick due to your older heater breaking down. If you have been calling the repair professionals in too often to fix your unit, then it makes sense to start researching replacement options.


Gas water heater repair is going to work out well in many situations. You can get your heater repaired by professionals in a timely fashion but it may not always be the best solution. Getting your heater replaced is going to be intelligent when your heater is old or if it has other issues. If you happen to have an open-flued heater, then you will definitely want to get it replaced.

With open-flued heaters being warned against by the Victorian government, you can see that there are many situations where replacement is the responsible course of action. If you reach out to the most skilled professionals in your area, then you will have no problem getting a good deal on installation. You can take care of your water heater woes and everything will operate more smoothly in your home moving forward.