About Us

JH Fox Plumbing are Master Plumbers, who have built a proud reputation based on 60 years of looking after our local communities. Originating as a family business in 1950’s, we have held true to our core values of integrity and reliability. However, we like to think that it’s the friendly caring service that makes us stand out.

Our local area covers many different types of building, old, large, modern, architectural and we have the expertise to cover every plumbing issue you may face. We understand your problems, what matters to you, and strive to always meet those expectations. J.H. Fox also understands that people in our area are looking for level of service that is of the highest quality, but always reasonably and transparently priced.

In recent years we have moved with the times and have added systems to help us manage the large number of jobs we now carry out for people in our area. That is combined with responsive helpful people in the office managing the job scheduling.

What Our Clients Say